Welcome on the Europe IKMF Regional Direction webpage.

IKMF is the older and the bigger Krav Maga organization in the world, founded on 1995 by Imi Lichtenfeld, the creator of Krav Maga, and present nowadays in 62 countries. During 2015 we celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

IKMF is leaded by M° Avi Moyal, one of the founders choosed by Imi to carry on his work, and is organized in national branches and in 4 regional areas. Our organization is constantly growing and we often receive requests from countries where we are not yet present or where there is no active official direction. For us is very important to take care and support national organizations in order to spread the real krav maga and help our instructors all over the world.

IKMF has about 15 top experts specially trained to carry out the training and the upgrading of our instructors.  They are constantly traveling the world conducting Instructor Courses, special courses and seminars. They are members of  G.I.T. (Global Instructor Team), C.I.T. (Continental Instructor Team) and E.I.T. (Expert Instructor Team).

IKMF is organized in several divisions, each with a G.I.T in chief, that is a professional with specific experience: Civil, Woman & Kids, Law Enforcement & Security, VIP Protection, Military and Custom Division (where we have special project as Sea Marshal, Air Marshal, Tactical Shooting, Disable Krav Maga, ReaX Training).

In Europe IKMF is present in over 25 countries with more then 500 active instructors.

As Europe Regional Director, I'm in charge for the european nations (including Russia) where we have not stable organization and I have the task to identify and support directors that want develop a new country.

If your country is not covered by IKMF national organization, you can contact me at the following address : Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Thanks for your attention

Federico Fogliano

IKMF Europe Regional Director


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